Specialty Program Solutions

Market Leaders of the Logging and Construction Inland Marine Industry.

Specialty Program Solutions (SPS) is a Program Administrator/ Managing General Agent that takes pride in its mastery and knowledge of the logging and construction inland marine industry.

With over 20 years of combined experience, we are certain that our niche focused approach, unparalleled service, and long-standing partnerships are the keys to outstanding results. As an industry leader, we are committed to consistently delivering underwriting expertise and unmatched service. In partnership with our key producers, we are always seeking opportunities to enhance our offering and adapt to changing needs. You can always count on Specialty Program Solutions (SPS) to execute on excellence with unmatched speed, precision, and skill.

Log processor on a small flat woodland site landing

"Industry Focused"

Specialty Program Solutions (SPS) concentrates exclusively on Inland Marine, allowing our dedicated team to master this business. We have the people, skills and specialized knowledge you can rely on to help grow your business. This combination truly makes for a winning formula.

"Unparalleled Service"

In today’s market, our clients require impeccable execution to win and retain business. We know our response and attention to detail are a reflection on you and can make all the difference. We hold ourselves accountable to high service standards with typical 24-48 hour turnaround on the majority of quote and policy handling requests.

"Long-Standing Partnerships"

On average, there is over 10 years of history and trust in working with our staff to help place business for their insureds. We also partner with A rated or better companies to provide financially secure and competitive products. We value each of these strategic relationships as they have been the cornerstone to success through the years.

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