Specialty Solution Programs

Speed. Precision. Skill.

Industry Focused

SPS concentrates on Inland Marine, allowing our dedicated team to master this business. We have the people, skills and specialized knowledge to help grow your business. 

Unparalleled Service

In today’s market, our clients require impeccable execution to win and retain business. We know our response and attention to detail are a refelction on you and can make all the difference. We hold ourselves accountable to high service standards.

Long-Standing Partnerships

Our relationships are at the center of everything we do and have withstood the test of time. On average, there is over 10 years of history and trust in working with our staff to help place business for their insureds. We also partner with A rated or better companies to provide finically secure and competitive products. We value each of these strategic relationships as they have been the cornerstone to success through the years.