Specialty Program Solutions Doesn’t Want You to Lose

Specialty Program Solutions Doesn’t Want You to Lose

Specialty Program Solutions (SPS) is a Program Administrator/ Managing General Agent that takes pride in its mastery and knowledge of the logging and construction inland marine industry. With over 20 years of combined experience, we are certain that our niche focused approach, unparalleled service, and long-standing partnerships are the keys to outstanding results. As an industry leader, we are committed to consistently delivering underwriting expertise and unmatched service. In partnership with our key producers, we are always seeking opportunities to enhance our offering and adapt to changing needs. SPS solely focuses on the inland marine insurance industry making us specialists when underwriting this business. We thoroughly understand your business and have handled a wide variety of claims. But our business isn’t just about earning premium and paying claims, it’s about truly protecting your business.

Today more than ever, successful companies are taking advantage of loss control and safety management services to protect their assets and improve their bottom line. SPS has partnered with an experienced loss control, and safety management company specializing in the logging and forestry industry. Our underwriting team works closely with loss control to identify trends and potential concerns with maintenance and safety of your insured’s equipment. To better protect their assets we ask for your assistance in contacting your insured’s to verify their current equipment maintenance and loss control procedures.

As we are all aware, “fire loss” is the primary cause of loss in the logging equipment industry and many underestimate the importance of regular maintenance and cleaning.  Regular maintenance keeps the equipment in top operating condition and simple maintenance procedures as routine oil, fuel and air filter changes reduce wear and maximize performance. Cleanliness and removal of excessive debris from the engine and hydraulic compartments helps to reduce fire risk.

Here are few recommendations to help mitgate losses:

Equipment Cool Down Procedure:  

The equipment operators, at close of each work day, should remain with the unit for at least thirty (30) minutes after shut-down to allow for adequate cool-down and discovery of any possible smoldering fire.

Debris Removal Procedure: 

Remove accumulated debris from the engine and exhaust manifold areas on all equipment twice each day.

Hydraulic & Fuel Lines/Connections Checked Daily:

Even the slightest hydraulic or fuel leak should be repaired immediately. Equipment should be thoroughly steam cleaned after any and all hydraulic or fuel repairs.

Equipment Location and Spacing:   

At the close of each work day, equipment should be moved to high ground that is clear of debris and stored in a safe manner. Equipment should be spaced a minimum of 50’ apart when left overnight in remote areas.

Equipment Security:

Idle equipment should be locked and master electrical switch turned off.  Nearby neighbors and workers should be notified to be alert for possible strangers examining the equipment after working hours. Police should be called immediately if unusual circumstances are apparent.

You can always count on Specialty Program Solutions (SPS) to execute on excellence with unmatched speed, precision, and skill. If you’re looking to expand your book of business and work with a specialist in the Inland Marine industry, then contact us today!


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