For Now, We Have Canadian Softwood Lumber Tariffs

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For Now, We Have Canadian Softwood Lumber Tariffs

Does Canada price its softwood lumber unfairly? For now, the United States is setting tariffs on imports for Canadian softwood lumber close to 27%. These tariffs could become permanent if the United States International Trade Commission makes a final determination this year (expected to be delivered by December 18) that the American Industry was harmed by the alleged subsidies and dumping. [1] The lumber industry has already been affected by natural disasters this year. It seems as if Canada might have been benefiting more than the United States before lumber trade talks were discussed.

Canada and the United States have been in negotiations for months in an effort to reach a mutually beneficial resolution. Unfortunately, both parties were not able to make it happen. The United States Lumber Coalition Co-chairman, Jason Brochu said, “We are pleased that the U.S. government is enforcing our trade laws so that the U.S. lumber industry can compete on a level playing field.”[2]

Not everyone seems to have the same opinion. Some feel that this new tariff may harm the lumber market, not help. With lumber prices increasing after the hurricanes, Canadian Lumber will no longer be as affordable of an option as it was before. The Canadian Minister of Natural Resources and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, stated they “will forcefully defend Canada’s softwood lumber industry, including through litigation, and we expect to prevail as we have in the past.”[3]

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