Our Program

Inland Marine Coverage

Our program consists of first party physical damage coverage for mobile equipment, machinery and tools typical to the logging and construction trade. Additional industry specific coverages are also available by endorsement.

Available in 50 States

Our insurance program covers all 50 states for nationwide protection.

A-Rated Carriers

As A-rated carriers, we offer superior coverage and support.

Uniquely Tailored

Our program is uniquely specialized to meet your business needs.

Who We Serve

Other Inland Marine Programs

We serve a wide variety of other classes. Additional solutions offered by SPS include, but are not limited to:

Provides single shot and master programs for owners of large, new and renovation construction projects.

Covers residential general contractors building custom and tract home developments.

Covers property stored, transported and installed by a contractor (for specific jobs or on a reporting basis) until work is accepted by the purchaser(s).

Provides small to mid- sized warehouses with third party coverage for customers’ possessions while stored.

Provides specialized coverage for goods in transit by small to mid-sized fleets.

Covers bailees’ customers (property in insured’s custody for cleaning/servicing), camera/video equipment, musical instruments and other mobile property on/off premise and in transit.

Covers collectibles and objects for dealers, galleries, museums, artists and individuals.

Provides property coverage for specialized mobile or stationary equipment from computer systems to MRI machines.

Offers broadened property coverage for non-hazardous flood and earthquake perils typically excluded from standard policies.

Program Limits:


Monday: 9am-5pm EST
Tuesday: 9am-5pm EST
Wednesday: 9am-5pm EST
Thursday: 9am-5pm EST
Friday: 9am-5pm EST
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed